Now something that I constantly see failing in the EVO is the front pinion bearing.  This is a common occurrence in both daily drivers and EVOs that see track time. Apparently, Mitsubishi lowered the position of the oil fill/level plug in an attempt to reduce parasitic drag to increase fuel economy.  However, the lower oil level creates a lubrication problem where the front pinion bearing doesn't receive enough oil to keep it lubricated causing the front pinion bearing to run hot.

This overheated bearing on the right was in a completely stock daily driver with less than 40k miles on it.

Another pinion bearing that ran hot. Note the burnt oil and polished inner race bore from the bearing spinning on the pinion shaft.

A makeshift solution has been to add some extra oil to the rear differential but how much oil to add has been hard to know for sure until now. So here is a nice solution that allows you to easily add the additional correct amount of oil which will keep your front pinion bearing from running hot and ruining your day.


Note:  Fill the rear diff until oil level is halfway up the sight glass. New oil sight covers have a fill line engraved on the cover. Oil capacity is increased approximately 25%.



  • new rear cover

  • oil sight glass

  • new fill plug & washer

  • new breather vent

If you are only wanting to purchase a new upgraded cover the cost is $120.

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