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CONGRATULATIONS TO VERNON AND THE CREW AT RAVER MOTORSPORTS  for their 228 mph run at Bonneville Salt Flats. If we can build a transmission that can survive in this land speed record holding car we certainly can build you.


CONGRATULATIONS TO RON & VERNON AND THE CREW AT RAVER MOTORSPORTS for their record breaking 216.598 mph run at El Mirage Dry Lake in August 2008. I'm sure we'll see that GVR-4 make a 220+ mph pass as soon as they take it back to the salt.  They are using our standard STAGE 2.5 "high torque" transmission which is ideal for stroker engines. Just ask us for details. 08/08


The Galant VR-4 was driven by Ron Cochran.


Hey Jon,

We made you proud!  216 mph two-way average is the new G/PS record.  Ronnie ordered a professional photo for you of the car charging down the salt.  As soon as it comes in we'll forward it to you.  The trans was flawless.  We dyno'd 860 whp at 8600 rpm and over 650 ft # torque with 48 psi from the GT42R, but our runs were down 150-200 whp since our ebc only got us 29 psi.  That flying box has gone faster than i ever thought possible AND there is obviously more potential still in it.

With a little luck we'll reset the El Mirage record in three weeks and get another 200+mph record. 

Have a great weekend and we'll talk to you soon,

Vernon of RaVer Motorsports 08/08


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