I'm going to sum this up quick.  Do not use an Aluminum flywheel in your AWD DSM or EVO unless you want to have problems.  I have never recommended them nor will I warranty damage to your transmission from their use.

  • Aluminum has roughly half the material strength of steel.

  • Aluminum looses roughly 33% of it's material strength when heated above 370*F.

  • they are too flimsy for the task of being a worthy flywheel in an AWD application.

  • if Aluminum flywheels were so awesome then why hasn't the other flywheel manufactures making them?

  • there is no deal you can make with Jesus or Satan to keep that steel friction ring flat, it will warp and cause poor shift quality.

The only flywheel that I recommend for the AWD vehicles is a SFI approved Chromoly flywheel.