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06.12.11 StreetTunedMotosports breaks into the 8's with their flagship EVO, making it the quickest 2 liter engined EVO in the nation.а STM has been using TRE as their source for drivetrain needs for several years and their EVO ran 8.75@166 and the season is nowhere near over.а

STM's EVO runs:

  • TRE STAGE 2.5 exchange transmission with the HKS 4.11 final drive.
  • TRE transfer case with the factory RS limited slip front diff. This diff has 3 1/2 years of abuse on it.а Find out how it survives here.
  • TRE 12 plate MAX-LOCKwith HD side cover & oil sight.

05.19.11 TRE now stocks their HD side cover for the Cusco limited slip rear differentials.а There are two designs available so please check with us so we can get you the correct part.а

recent news....

04.12.11 TRE will be releasing a replacement front limited slip differential housing to replace the weak factory housing.а This part is much stronger and will be available immediately.

04.09.11а The EVO transfer case main housing and tail housing receive machine work that squares up the housings.а The reason this is being done is to make certain that both housings are square to one another as it has a profound affect on how the ring & pinion contact pattern turns out and the overall durability of the transfer case.а Don't waste a nickel's worth of your money on replacing the ring & pinion gears unless you do this or you're going to end up breaking it again. You can send your transfer case where ever you want but if you want it done correctly TRE is the only shop for this job.

03.04.11 There seems to be some confusion about weather the rear diff should be filled to the level of the drain plug on the oil sight rear covers so I added a indicator mark on the oil sight rear cover for the EVO.а This mark is the recommend oil level.

01.13.11а TRE will be releasing a new transfer case housing.а The new housingis stronger than the factory piece and holds nearly a full quart of gear oil.а Interesting findings during this project will be highlighted upon release.

01.05.11а The redesigned HD side coveris available for the EVO rear differential.а TRE also has stronger side covers for the 90-99 AWD DSM and some of the aftermarket rear differentials.а

past news...

10.01.10а The land speed record holding GVR4 is being taken to the Bonneville Salt Flats this weekend.а UPDATE:а 10.09.10 A connecting rod failure ended the fun.а They have been running the same transmission for 4 years without failure.

09.19.10а TRE is now offering rebuilds for the EVO-4 through EVO-9 transfer cases.а We use the genuine factory Mitsubishi ring & pinions, bearings and oil seals. The housing is CNC machined to bring it back to true making for correct ring & pinion contact patterns.а Don't even waste a nickel's worth of your money on installing a new ring & pinion unless this is being machined!а The contact patterns and bearing preloads are such that provide quiet operation and long service life. Big bolt upgrade is standard. more info

09.03.10а The Chevy Cobalt owned by ZZ Auto set a new record of 10.70 @ 134mph.а They have been running a custom TRE transmission that I built for over 3 years nowа without issue.

06.22.10а TRE is now stocking the JDM close ratio 5th gearset for the EVO-8/9 transmissions. This is the holy grail of 5th gears for an EVO that is used for road racing because the rpm drop from 4th to 5th gear is 12.7% less, making the EVO pull like hell down those long straights.а 7500rpm in 4th = 6000rpm in 5th with the .825 5th gear means no more getting passed by some sucka in a BMW.а Get better synchro life on 5th gear with this gear.

06.22.10 TRE is now stocking the HKS 4.11 final drive gearset for the EVO-8/9.а The 4.11 final drive will approximately 9.2% more mph in each gear, making it ideal for drag racing or for use with 2.3 stroker motors that aren't revving to the moon.

05.17.10а The land speed GVR4 went to El Mirage over the weekend but didn't break it's old record because of a alternator belt letting go during a 9800rpm no-lift-shift. There were several 200+ MPH passes made but the lake bed was in rough shape, making the task of finding traction difficult but the car picks up 14mph in the last 6 seconds of the run! The transmission is now in it's 4th season of use.а You can buy the exact same transmission for your high torque DSM here.


NEW HOURS: 8am-5pm Tuesday -Friday. Closed Saturday-Monday.

05.07.10а Updates have been made to the Frequently Asked Questionspage.

05.01.10а There has been some increases in the pricing.а This is due to the fact I have more services that are standard in my rebuilds and that I am starting to venture into other projects.

04.01.10 аRecent article about the land speed record holding GVR4

04.01.10а Added an oiling upgrade for the EVO-4/9 transmissions.а This greatly increases the service life of your EVO transmission.

03.09.10а The EVO rear differential now can be upgraded with an oil sight glassthat allows you to fill your rear diff with an appropriate amount of oil to aid in longer life of the pinion bearings.

03.01.10 Added some additional stuff to the MAX-LOCKservice.а The carrier cap bolts are now replaced and finally after hearing enough people ask for shiny bolts they are included with this service.

New transmission, transfer case & rear differential parts to be announced.

02.10.10а While I feel that high intensity shot peening is going to offer the most value per dollar spent, I am now offering W.P.C. &а F.P.P. services but they must be sent out until I have another shot peening machine so expect longer turn around times if you choose to have them done.

CONGRATULATIONS TO VERNON AND THE CREW AT RAVER MOTORSPORTS аfor their record breaking 228 mph pass at Bonneville Salt Flats located west of Salt Lake City. The yellow GVR-4 went 228 mph on the salt over the weekend.а Their combined average both way speed was 224. They are using our "high torque" transmission which is ideal for stroker engines for the past 4 years without failure. We expect it to exceed 230mph when it goes back to Bonneville this October. UPDATE:а They didn't get to make a record breaking pass. Nothing transmission related.


#34 SCCA T2 transmission status

After 2 seasons of SCCA T2 road racing on it, I just received back the transmission from the #34 EVO-9 that is owned and driven by none other than Marty Grand.а The only parts that I am replacing are listed below.

  • 3rd gear SYNCHRO

  • misc snap rings & springs

  • and the oil seals for good measure.а

About $70 worth of parts. All of the other parts are in perfect condition and will not be needing replacement. It actually cost more to ship the transmission one way than the cost of the parts needed to freshen it up.аа (11.22.10 Marty won the National Championship in 2011. This is same transmission that was used for the 2009/2010 season that received $70 worth of parts and the same transmission that Marty used for the entire 2011 race season.)а If you are looking for a no-bullshit transmission that can handle the task of road racing this is it.а

As of April 1st 2009 we are accepting only one core per transmission purchased.

As of January 2009 I am back in college and will be open Tuesday-Friday.

TRE MACHINE SHOP SERVICES We now offer machine shop services for those who are building their own transmission.а Check it out, here.

CONGRATULATIONS TO MARTY GRAND AND CJ MOSES AND THE CREW AT VIP GARAGE аfor their stellar race season. TRE would also like to extend thanks to all the other shops involved that did their part to make Marty & CJ's 2008 race season a success: Thank you AMS, VIP, Carbotech and JRZ and all the other people who gave support.а Now these two are the fastest EVOs in SCCA T2 and they are the running our STAGE 2 transmissions and MAX-LOCK rear differentials in their EVOs. If you are serious about racing your EVO and need a dependable drivetrain we are the shop that can build it.

Jon the trans you put together has been in my car since August of 07 and feels as good as the day I put it in. Thank you!!!а - Marty Grand #34 SCCA Nationals T2, NE Division Champion 2008

TRE has put together transmissions that have lasted the test of time while being abused more than anyone could ever imagine, not to mention the rear diff mod that finally allowed us to dial-in throttle oversteer.а - CJ Moses #58 2008 SCCA SE Division T2 Champion

EXCHANGE SERVICE NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE MAX-LOCK We now stock low mileage MAX-LOCK rear differential assemblies for the EVO-8/9.а These are perfect for those who can't have their EVO down for a week.а Click herefor this service.



If you are ordering transmission parts make sure to know exactly what you need.а Unless you know exactly what year and model transmission you have please do not order any parts. We are not responsible for parts that don't fit you 1990 AWD because the transmission is from a junkyard or your buddies 92 AWD.а We recommend that you get the transmission apart and INSPECT THE PARTS.а Find out what you need and then contact us. If you can take a photo of the parts you need we can correctly match up the correct parts for you as long as the photos are not blurry.а For more info about our return policy click here.

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