Not likely...

Do not assume that just because a shop claims that they can build you a transmission like TRE, or that they can price match, that you are getting one that is anywhere near the level of quality or that it is built like our transmissions.

Unless that shop has the equipment and the know how it is unlikely you are getting anything close to what we are doing in our transmission rebuilds. We have seen just about everything and have never ever seen anyone perform a fraction of the work that TRE does to a transmission. Ask them if they do any gear detail work or if they shot peen anything and who does it for them, most people think that a machine shop that has a grit blaster that resembles a lawn fertilizer spread can shot peen gears. Wrong. You can not shot peen gears with the same machine that grit blasts carbon off some old cast iron Chevy heads, you need a goddamn shot peener that is designed to shot peen gears. Find out if they vibratory finish or Isotropic Super Finish any parts or if they modify the gear stack offset. The bottom line is you are not getting anything close to what we offer elsewhere.  To learn more about our services click here.